ASEM19 Mini Symposium 弹性波/声波超材料学术会议通知


Elastic/acoustic Metamaterials: Novel Designs and Applications


Sep 17-21, 2019


Jeju, Jeju Island, South Korea


12 to 16


Rui Zhu (1), Guoliang Huang (2), Gengkai Hu (1), Yuesheng Wang (3)

  • School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China,;
  • Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University of Missouri, Columbia MO, USA,
  • School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China,


Elastic/acoustic metamaterials represent a new class of composites with peculiar dynamic as well as static properties not readily found in nature. With the engineered microstructures, metamaterials greatly expand the allowed range of material properties and therefore, lead to unprecedented possibilities for material design and novel applications in wave control, vibration isolation and acoustic/elastic wave devices. Recently, an increasing interest in elastic/acoustic metamaterial research has been witnessed in the communities of scholars and engineers in the fields of mechanics, physics, materials science and engineering. The objective of this Mini Symposium is to gather together the leading researchers in the field and provide them a platform for an inter-disciplinary exchange of ideas. The organizers are active in the Mini-Symposium topic, with direct connections to many of the main players in the world.


The Mini Symposium SM141 session under ISEM19 conference. Please visit the ASEM19 online submission system and following the steps below for your abstract submission:

  • Visit the [] and click “Abstract (Initial Submission)”
  • Enter the title of your paper and click “Contribution to a Mini Symposium (MS)”
  • Select “Oral” presentation type and select “ISEM19 Conference” in the list
  • Please Click “Session 141: (Rui Zhu, Guoliang Huang, Gengkai Hu and Yuesheng Wang) ”


The first call-of-paper deadline is: April 30th (may be extended by further notice)