Gengkai Hu Xiaoning Liu Xiaoming Zhou Kai Zhang Rui Zhu
Kaijun Yi Jiuling Wang Chao Wan Yun Ma Ning Ma

Brief introduction of the group

  The Laboratory of Wave Mechanics Group belongs to the School of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), which is composed of Prof. Hu G.(supported by the Distinguished Young Scholars of NSFC, director of innovation research group of NSFC) , Prof. Zhou X.(supported by the Outstanding Young Scholars of NSFC) , Prof. Zhu R.(supported by the National Thousand Talents Program of China), aProf. Liu X., Specially-Appointed Researcher Zhang K., Specially-Appointed Researcher Yi K., Specially-Appointed Researcher Zhou P. and Research Assistant Ma N. The research group mainly focuses on the engineering requirements of underwater acoustic cloak, low frequency vibration and noise control of aerospace structures, new composite / metamaterial design and wave mechanics, intelligent structure vibration and wave control, etc. , the relevant research has been funded by the major and key projects of the NSFC, as well as by JW Science and Technology Commission, China Shipbuilding Industry, Institute of Ship Systems, Aerospace Institute and some others. The results are published on Nature Communication, Advanced Materials, and the Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, etc. The research group attaches equal importance to the forefront of the academic discipline and the application of engineering, and makes a delightful atmosphere of scientific research for students. Many of the students in the group received national scholarships of China, Xu-Teli Scholarships (the top scholarship of BIT), and so on. The team has trained many outstanding engineers and technicians for aerospace / ship research institutes and enterprises (Boeing, Zhongche, state nuclear, CGNPC, FAW, etc.). Others includes professor of Distinguished University in the United States, member of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Vice President of Multinational Corporation, national talent program, Humboldt scholar in Germany and so on.

Research Direction

◄Dynamic micromechanics of composites, elastic metamaterial design and elastic wave control, underwater acoustic control, topology optimization (Hu G., Liu X. & Ma Y.)

Mechanical metamaterial and abnormal fluctuation control, engineering low-frequency Noise Control (Zhou X.)►

◄Machine Learning and dynamic characterization of materials, Hydrogel Acoustics, and deep-sea Acoustic modulation (Zhang K., Wang J. & Wan C.)

New concept-based low-frequency vibration control, intelligent structure and health monitoring, aerospace structure micro-vibration Suppression (Zhu R. and Yi K.)►

Research results

Comprehensive Journal

Nature Communication, Proceedings of the Royal Society A


Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, International Journal of Solids and Structures, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of Sound and Vibration


Physical Review B/E, New Journal of Physics, Applied Physics Letters, Physics Letters A


Advanced Materials, Advanced Science, Advanced Functional Materials, Smart Materials and Structures


AIAA Journal, Acta Astronautica

Hosting academic conferences

Seventh Youth Forum on vibration and noise control in armaments, 15-17 November 2019►

Nearly 100 experts and scholars from more than 30 universities and scientific research institutions across the country attended the meeting, they discussed the latest research progress and engineering requirements of vibration and noise control technology in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics and vehicles.

◄ IUTAM Symposium on Acoustic/Elastic Metamaterials, 5-7 June 2018

The International Union of theoretical and applied mechanics (IUTAM) is the highest International Academic Organization for the study of mechanics. The competition to apply for the high-level International Academic Conference under its name is very fierce. It not only needs the recommendation of the international first-class scholars related to the theme of the conference, it also needs the applicant owns an influential academic achievement in its research field. Beijing Institute of Technology officially submitted its bid in April 2016, after years of International Cachet, communications reviews, and multiple rounds of voting, it was elected to hold the seminar.

Wave Mechanics in Heterogeneous Materials, 20-21 June 2015►

As the invitation of Prof. Hu G., Prof. Norris from Rutgers University, Prof. He Qichang from the University of Eastern Paris, Prof. Lu Tianjian from the Xi'an Jiaotong University and 17 other distinguished scholars visited our university, and held a two-day academic discussion in the International Exchange Center. Co-chaired by Prof. Hu G., Prof. Huang Guoliang from the University of Missouri and Prof. Norris. This conference has conducted in-depth discussions on the wave dynamics of heterogeneous materials, the participating professors made 19 excellent reports for teachers and students in English according to their own research field.

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