Dr. ChenJian from Nanyang Technological University was invited to give a lecture on “full wave control of acoustic metasurface on deep-subwavelength scale”


Focusing acoustic waves to enhance the acoustic field is of fundamental
interest in wave physics and highly desirable for many applications, such as super-resolution imaging, enhanced sensing, and energy harvesting, to
name a few. Phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials are largely
explored for this purpose. However, they were generally optimized under
the effective medium theory and were not able to control the acoustic waves directly. On the other hand, these structures relatively complex and large. To this end, it is highly desired to develop acoustic metasurface that are simple and compact and can fully manipulate the acoustic waves. In this talk, I will present some recent progress on this objective, including the
metasurface design and implementation. Subsequently, ongoing studies and future plans will be discussed. Finally, I will briefly introduce a work on laser induced full matrix imaging in non-destructive evaluation.

About the Speaker

Dr. Chen Jian received B.S. degree from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2007,
and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2012. He then joined Prof. Sailing He’s lab at Zhejiang University, focusing
on laser ultrasonic technique and instrumentation. Currently, Dr. Chen is
working in Prof. Zheng Fan’s lab at Nanyang Technological University. His
research interests include acoustic metamaterials, ultrasonic full-matrix
imaging and laser ultrasound.